Merchandiser (m/f) Kota
Your tasks: - Coordinating the work flow among buyers - Following the latest trends - Overseeing merchandise activities - Identifying market opportunities - Training buyers ...
Category: Retail Jaipur
Retail Salesperson (m/f) Ganganagar
Your tasks: - Coaching staff members - Implementing strategies to increase sales - Motivating workers - Managing daily store activities - Auditing store standards - ...
Category: Retail Jaipur
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Thursday 24 Jul 2014 04:09:18 PM
2 Results for Retail/food/wholesale jobs Jaipur (0.50 seconds)

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Retail/Food/Wholesale Jaipur
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Retail/food/wholesale jobs in Job Market Jaipur

In our category retail/food/wholesale jobs may be sought and found in Retail/Food/Wholesale Jaipur. Here, you may offer a job to improve your management or your whole business, or you may find a job and improve your skills. This is the right place for retailers or food providers. Restaurants cooking the best receipts for their customers and wholesalers of any kind providing clothing, electronics, shoes, furniture, jewelry are welcome, too. Please describe the job you are offering or searching for exactly and post your contact details.